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New Taipei City Travel

Secret Paradise in the Mountain City

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Secret Paradise in the Mountain City
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“The biggest joy of traveling is discovering some unexpected surprises.” If you love exploring nature and visiting the hidden paradises within the mountains of New Taipei City, then you can’t miss this route: “Secret Paradise in the Mountain City~ Explore the Slow Lifestyle of Pingxi.” Key attractions include Lingjiao Station and its 108-degree arc railway platform, the Wanggu Waterfall hidden in the river valley, the majestic Shifen Waterfall and the unique façade of the Sky Lantern Police Station. Open your eyes and enjoy all the little joys along the way!


【Return traffic information】
Take trains for the NMMST from “Jingtong Station” to “Ruifang Station.” Then take trains for Taipei.
【Return-Take a bus】
Take the bus route 795 Taiwan Trip-Muzha Pingxi Line from “Jingtongkeng” for Muzha to “MRT Muzha Station” stop. Then take the Taipei MRT back to your hotel.
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