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New Taipei City Travel

Journey Along the Railway

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Journey Along the Railway
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      Hello~ New Taipei City is perfect for “backpackers.” If you love trains and the tranquil atmosphere of staring out its windows, then you can’t miss this “Journey Along the Railway ~ An Idyllic Trip in Shuangxi” and its key sites Houtong Cat Village, Shuangxi Market Street, Shuangxi Old Trails and Taiping Settlement. The Shuangxi Ferry Pier used to be an essential nexus for the transportation of daily supplies while the “Lin Yi-He Hall” has over a hundred years of history. The “Haishan Bakery” on Zhonghua Road offers popular traditional antique-flavor cakes while the restaurant “Silo Cafe” offers exclusive kiln-baked bread. Shuangxi is known as the back garden of Greater Taipei. Why not stay overnight an experience the idyllic lifestyle so different from the city.
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