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Last Rays of the Sunset

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Last Rays of the Sunset
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      Enjoying gourmet cuisine is definitely one of the joys of life. If beautiful scenery and music can be enjoyed at the same time, then it’s just perfect. The tour route “Last Rays of the Sunset – Enjoy Delicacies and Listen to Music in Tamsui” is the only one of its kind in Taiwan that offers an old street, gourmet cuisine, music and a beautiful sunset all at the same place. We present you Tamsui Old Street, the Mackay Hospital, Tamsui oily bean curds, Fort Santo Domingo, Cloud Gate Theater and Fisherman’s Stage, allowing you to have a fun journey filled with dining and drinking. The final stop, the Fisherman’s Wharf, is known for having the most beautiful sunsets in Taiwan! Another special feature is the nearby Tamsui Fisherman’s Stage performance area designed by the internationally renowned designer AKIBO. In addition to a stage filled with fishing port elements, there is also a painted container market by rising star artists and crispy, delicious fish grilled in fire pits by the F4 (Fisherman 4). These elements create a unique, relaxing atmosphere for the Fishermanlements . Different bands perform on the stage each weekend, offering you a unique listening experience.
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