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New Taipei City Travel

City Transportation

City Transportation


Taipei MRT

Taipei Metro is the main means of public transport in the Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area (a.k.a. Greater Taipei area). Passengers can easily reach various destinations by MRT; what’s more, bus stops are available for transfer outside most MRT stations.

MRT Route Map

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New Taipei Metro

Danhai Light Rail Transit (LRT) connects Hongshulin, Tamsui and Kanding, providing commuters and visitors with a transportation service that is easy, comfortable and safe.

Danhai LRT Route Map

Taoyuan Airport MRT

Taoyuan Airport MRT offers two types of service: Express Trains and Commuter Trains; the latter stops at every station. Passengers can reach various famous tourist attractions by transferring at Taipei Main Station to other Taipei Metro lines, including Bannan Line, Tamsui–Xinyi Line, Songshan–Xindian Line and Zhonghe–Xinlu Line.

Timetable and Fare Inquiries

Taoyuan Airport MRT Route Map

City Bus

City Bus

Bus fares can be paid with EasyCard or Cash; no change is provided. The fares in the city are collected based on fare zones. EasyCard users are entitled to special discounts when transferring between MRT and buses.

24/7Customer Service Line: +886-2-218-12345

New Taipei eBus

MRT shuttle bus

To enable passengers to identify which MRT line the bus connects with, MRT shuttle buses in the Greater Taipei area are coded with the color of respective MRT line before the bus numbers. For example, R13 bus connects with the Red Line (Tamsui Line), while B15 bus connects with the Blue Line (Bannan Line).

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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is especially helpful to those going on a semi-independent tour. Travelers can pay by EasyCard or iPass; combo tickets are also available. Four themed routes in New Taipei City are planned for travelers to easily reach various tourist attractions, experience local culture and enjoy delicacies.

Official website

Muzha Pingxi Route (to Shifen/Pingxi)

Muzha Pingxi Route takes passengers to 11 characteristic tourist attractions, including Shenkeng, Shiding and Pingxi. Passengers can explore Shifen Old Street that features a unique railway experience, Pingxi Old Street full of quaint atmosphere, Jingtong Railway Station that is a wooden Japanese-style building, and Shenkeng Old Street, where visitors can try numerous kinds of tofu dishes. Along the route, passengers can admire the distinctive railway scenes, ancient tile-and-brick houses, traditional rectangular-shaped town houses and the awe-inspiring landscapes created by nature.

Details of Shifen Route

Details of Pingxi Route

Crown Northern Coast Route

The route takes passengers to 16 popular tourist attractions, starting from Tamsui MRT Station, passing by Yehliu Geo-park, Jiatou Village of Jinshan known for its hot springs, Qianshui Bay (dubbed Little Kenting), Baisha Bay with a magnificent ocean view, Juming Museum that features an expansive outdoor museum, Yun Garden, where the Taiwanese super star Teresa Teng was buried, and the Jinshan Old Street, which is the only surviving street of the Northern Coast dating back to the Qin dynasty. A trip to the North Coast of Taiwan couldn’t be easier.

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Gold Fulong Route

The route takes passengers to 16 most popular attractions of northeast Taiwan, including the mountain village of Jiufen, Jinguashi, Longdong, Fulong Beach, etc. Come enjoy the golden sunshine, the coast full of strange-shaped rocks, azure ocean views along the route. Passengers can also explore the rich marine ecology, the nostalgic Japanese atmosphere, and mining history. It is the most popular travel route in northeast Taiwan.

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Cycling trip


YouBike is a bike rental service in New Taipei City enabling users to lease and return at any rental station. Most of its stations are situated in the Greater Taipei area. Users can rent a YouBike with an EasyCard or iPass and ride a short distance or travel around popular tourist attractions, such as Tamsui or Bali.

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YouBike Station Information

Riverside Bicycle Rental Service in New Taipei City

The bicycle rental stations in the riverside park of New Taipei City provide convenient rental services that allow users to lease and return at any rental station in the Park. Come enjoy the fun cycling along the riverside.

Reminder: For your own safety, please cycle only on the Taipei–New Taipei riverside bikeways.

Shen’ao Rail Bike

The bike track, stretching from Badouzi Station to Shen’ao Station, is 1.3 km long. Visitors can hop on the blowfish-shaped bicycle and ride along the scenic views of mountain and sea, painted houses, an LED simulated undersea tunnel and a nostalgic Jianji coal mine. Come and immerse yourself in the charm of Shen’ao line. Popular tourist attractions like Jinshan Old Street are also situated on this line, where you can fully explore the north coast of Taiwan.

Reminder: Make an online reservation beforehand to avoid wasting time waiting.

Official website

Fare Information



For backpacking travelers, taxis are a convenient and time-saving means of transport. If you want to make the most of your time, why not just hire a taxi? Hail a taxi anywhere you need and visit any sites you want. Enjoy the exclusive transport service, and the driver can be your local guide.


Starting Rate: NT$85 for the first 1.25 kilometer

Distance Rate: Additional NT$5 for every 200 meters after the first 1.25 km

Time Rate: NT$5 per 60 seconds (when the taxi’s speed is under 5 km/h)

Late Night Surcharge: Additional NT$20 for every trip between 11:00 pm and 06:00 am

Lunar New Year Surcharge: Additional NT$30 for every trip during the Lunar New Year holidays

※The rates mentioned above are not applicable for taxis in Tamsui, Ruifang and Wulai areas.

Foreign Language Taxi

Are you worried about language barriers when taking a taxi? We provide a foreign language taxi service, where the driver speaks your mother tongue fluently. You can enjoy easy communication while reaching your destination.

Service Project

Languages: Chinese, English and Japanese

Service Hours:Open 24 hours, every day of the year

Enquiry Hotline (Foreigners in Taiwan Hotline): +886-800-024-111

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