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New Taipei City Travel

Stop at Bitou Cape
Enjoy the beautiful mountains and sea
Stop at Bitou Cape
Take a leisure tour in Jiufen
Explore the beauty of Mountain Town
Take a leisure tour in Jiufen
Night visit to Hongludi
The dazzling night scene
Night visit to Hongludi
Overlook the Thousand-Island Lake
Embrace the tranquility of the mountain and river
Overlook the Thousand-Island Lake
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Virtual Tour

Enjoy the nature and culture in New Taipei City.

Virtual Tour
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LIVE Discover the beauty of New Taipei City in real-time

The romantic broadcast offers a 360-degree panoramic view of stunning scenery day and night

Fisherman's Wharf / Hunglodei / Jiufen

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Area Guide

Take a stroll in Jiufen and Jinguashi, enjoy delicious food on the coast, stay in special lodgings, and find inspiration for the rhythm of life from traveling.

Must-Visit Attractions

Mountains and forests, secret hideaways along the railway, rivers and seas, cultural and creative districts – find out more about the most popular attractions!

Essential Travel Information

Photos from Travelers

Find inspiration from the photos and videos of other travelers, or share your favorite @newtaipeitour experiences with us.

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