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Young and free. Depart now.

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About Route 2 Taiwan

A low-carbon travel “pearl necklace” linking all the best spots on the New Taipei City coastline from Bali to Sandiaojiao (Cape Santiago) in Gongliao with transportation powered by green energy. Enjoy the youthful spirit on the blue coast, golden beach, and bikeways. Explore the nature in the mountains and culture in the towns.

Create great memories of mountain and sea.

Ride a bike along the wooden bikeway to Hongshulin at Tamsui River estuary. The market at Bali Ferry Wharf is busy and bustling. This is where you can take a ride.
Taste Agei and fishball soup at Tamsui Old Street. Take a nice photo with the red-brick castle at Hongmaocheng. Have a romantic encounter with the orange-purple sunset at the waterfront.
Between the blue sky and ocean, walk on the soft, white sand and feel the cool seawater running through your toes. Enjoy a slow afternoon with a coffee at a nearby café.
Visit Laomei Green Reef and take a romantic photo at Lovers’ Bridge at Shimen Cave. Watch sunset at Fugui Cape Lighthouse and taste delicious seafood at Fuji Fishing Harbor. It will be a relaxing trip.
Zhongjiao Bay is the surf mecca in northern Taiwan. Professional coaches are available even the rookies can fully enjoy the activity. After nightfall, have a nice meal and soak in the hot spring at Jinshan Old Street to relieve the soreness.
Yehliu Geo Park has world renowned strange rocks as well as water sports such as jet skis and diving. Wanli Crab Season is a foodie’s favorite.
Ruifang is a popular attraction for domestic as well as foreign tourists. Visiting the Elephant Trunk Rock by SUP (stand-up paddling) has become a popular activity in recent years. You can enjoy the mountain as well as the sea here.
Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival is full of energy. Windsurfers and surfers are here chasing the waves. There is always so much going on here in summer.


From Bali to Gongliao, free your active soul. All the latest water sports are calling for you, and all the secluded spots are waiting for you to explore!

Trendy and fun

With the latest water sports, biking trips, seasonal seafood, you must let yourself go and try everything new to enjoy the youthful Route 2 Taiwan!

Festivals you should not miss

Every month there is something new, and every day is full of surprises. All the best festivals can be found on Route 2 Taiwan with seasonal delicacies you should not miss.

1 Jan.
  • New Taipei City Hot Springs Festival
2 Fed.
  • New Taipei City Hot Springs Festival
  • New Taipei Farm Time – Spring event
  • Yeliu Religious Festival
  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Valentine’s Day event
3 Mar.
  • Sanzhi Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Wanjin Azalea
4 Apr.
5 May
  • Wanli Hydrangea Festival
  • North Coast Fashion Art Festival
  • Cleaning 5 Fishing Ports
  • Mazu Cultural Festival
  • Bali Bamboo Shoot Festival
6 Jun.
  • Wanli Hydrangea Festival
  • Tamsui Fisherman Stage-Summer Indie Music Festival
  • Bali Bamboo Shoot Festival
  • National Pumpkin Contest
7 Jul.
  • Wanli Hydrangea Festival
  • Ruifang Bat Festival
  • Shenao Summer Festival
  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Summer Festival
  • Gongliao Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival
  • MINE Art Festival
8 Aug.
  • New Taipei Farm Time – Summer event
  • New Taipei Jinshan Summer Festival
  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Chinese Valentine’s Day Fireworks
  • 2021 MINE Art Festival
  • Jinshan Sweet Potato Season
9 Sep.
  • New Taipei Wendan Pomelo Promotion
10 Oct.
  • New Taipei City North Coast International Kite Festival
  • Three Treasures for Health in New Taipei – Chinese Yam
  • Wanli Crab Season
  • Jinshan Fire Fishing Festival
  • North Coast Light Festival
11 Nov.
  • New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon
  • Wanli Crab Season
  • New Taipei City Water Bamboo Festival
12 Dec.

Young and stylish

here are plenty of opportunities to take high-quality, stylish or romantic photos at all the social media hotspots on Route 2 Taiwan. Get the best tips and share your work here.


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新北最新活動好去處 報你知!
#淡水漁人碼頭煙火秀 15分鐘史上最長~必須提早出發卡位
#八里沙雕 今登場!
#三貂嶺生態友善隧道 8/29起採全面預約制
#瑞三礦業整煤廠 開幕至今突破20萬人次
#新北隱藏版觀海秘境 秒攻頂!
宛如台版萬里長城的 #鼻頭角步道,沿著山脊走能夠欣賞四面八方的美景,有山海合一的景觀步道,也有豐富多變的海蝕地質景觀,登高還能眺望東北角海岸!
連假出發 #石門美拍點 看花也看海
#期間限定 北海岸花海美景!
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