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Explore Route 2 Taiwan

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Water sports

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Rich marine resources can be found here. The coastline is 145 kilometers in length. Besides the unbeatable ocean view, it is a natural gym offering land and water sports. The diverse natural landscapes have been fully utilized to develop sports with local features.

Jinshan Zhongjiao Bay


An internationally renowned surf mecca
As the New Taipei surfing center, surfing demonstration school, Zhongjiao Elementary School, and Zhongjiao Bay International Surfing Base jointly offer outdoor surfing lessons and run a space dedicated to surfing here. Professional coaching is available such that people with any or no experience can enjoy the activity.
Ruifang Elephant Trunk Rock

SUP, kayak

Paddle to the Northeast Coast, Visit the unique Elephant Trunk Rock
See the interesting geology and landscape by SUP or kayaking. The one-and-only “kayak + SUP” x Elephant Trunk Rock experience is here.
Gongliao Fulong


Raise the sail. Set sail under the blue sky
Fulong Beach has an inland river that cuts through the beach. With its oceanic environmental features, it becomes a great place for windsurfing, a highly challenging sport that combines surfing and sailing. In addition to relying on wind, controlling techniques are crucial. Set sail and make unforgettable memories here.

Cycling Routes

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Pedaling smoothly along the coastal bikeway in a light mood and at your own pace, you will find the fun in exercising in sea breeze.

Bali & Tamsui

Tamsui Golden Coast Cycling Route

A classic dating route you should not miss

Ride a bike to Tamsui Old Street and enjoy street snacks here. At sundown, head to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf. Ride in sunset and have a romantic moment with it.
Sanzhi & Shimen

Shuangwan (Twin-bay) Bikeway

Cool off in summer

The bikeway stretches from Qianshui Bay to Baisha Bay along a 1-km-long sandy beach. The scenery is stunning. Bring your swimsuit here to cool off in summer!
Wanli & Jinshan

Wanli-Jinshan Cycling Route

Hot spring, beautiful scenery, and gourmet

Enjoy the sea breeze and wide view. Do not miss out on the popular duck meat stand at Jinshan Old street. Relax your mind and soul at Jinshan Hotspring.

Shen’ao rail bike

The one-and-only bikes on train rails in Taiwan

The one-and-only bikes on train rails with ocean views! When pedaling the blowfish-shaped bikes through the laser-light tunnels, do not forget to look up.

Old Caoling Belt Bikeway

20 kilometers of train tracks across New Taipei and Yilan

Depart form Fulong Train Station and ride along the coastline and magnificent cliffs. After passing through the quiet and cool Jiucao Tunnel, the vast ocean will be right in front of your eyes.

Sandiaoling Ecological Tunnel

After closure for 35 years, this century-old tunnel is being revamped

Sandiaoling Ecological Tunnel has been standing quietly in Ruifang for a century, retaining its aged beauty. The quiet and peaceful mountain town is waiting for you to explore.

Fishing ports

#seafoodfeast #wanlicrabseason #fishingmecca

Fresh catches are cooked on demand. Wanli Crab Season in autumn brings many foodies here every year. The long-time gourmet paradise has been upgraded. There are now more interesting ideas than just seafood here that are beyond your imagination.

Upgraded traditional fishing port

The amazing combination of mountain and sea. Experience the revamped fishing culture here.
Fishing ports are beyond your expectations. Fishing and stargazing… there are so much more waiting for you to explore!

Upgrading the fishing ports

Ocean, yachts, and blue bays – Upgrading the small fishing ports
Departing from the little fishing harbor, explore Route 2 Taiwan on a yacht. Customize your trip to the surrounding attractions.

Farms and flowers

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Walk into the secret garden on the North Coast and search through the winding alleys for colors and fragrance in the mountain town. Find your pace in the rice and flower fields in the gently blowing wind.


Blossoms in Wanli

White, pink, red, and purple. The blossoming rhododendrons and lilies
When walking through the bushes of rhododendrons as tall as people and passing by all the blossoming flowers, turn around and have a photo taken! The Wanli Jinshan rhododendrons are well known in Taiwan. There are different varieties blossoming all year round. For rhododendrons, you must visit the Wanli Jinshan area.

Lilies are blossoming again

Restoration was successful. Lilies are blossoming on the North Coast again.
Taiwanese lilies’ habitat on the North Coast was destroyed. In recent years, with the joint efforts of Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government, Jinshan District Office, and Farmer’s Association, wild lilies are blossoming on the North Coast in April and May. The whole field of pure white flowers swaying in the wind makes the most beautiful picture.

Farm to table

Encounter the real countryside at the green terraces
Local farmers who are idealistic and dedicated to local development adopted the new, eco-friendly way of farming to grow vegetables and tea. Participate in their daily activities and learn about their farming principles and the details that go into bringing food from farm to table and the slow food culture.

Small towns and culture

#culturaltrip #mountaintown #storiesoftown

Coal mines, ancient trails, and history carry along the coastline and mountains stretching across eight administrative districts a century of history, culture, and lives. There are endless stories to be told in these small towns.

Shuijinjiu (Shuinangong-Jinshan-Jiufen) culture

Gold Museum

Revisit the coal mine history and culture. Promote community eco-tourism
The Gold Museum has the theme of Jinguashi’s mining history and gold, integrating the settlements and local culture in the area and preserving the relics, tunnels, and tools from a century ago. Gold mining historical sites are scattered in the Jinguashi settlement and surrounding mining areas, making Jinguashi a place with not only beautiful nature, but touching stories and memories.
A walk of culture and history in Ruisan Coal Mine

Ruisan coal preparation plant in Houtong

Walk into the past. History is reinterpreted with visual art
Ruisan coal preparation plant used to be the most advanced coal preparation plant in Taiwan, holding an important place in the coal mining history. To reproduce the mining fever in the 1970’s, the buildings have been renovated with the addition of visual art to demonstrate the memories and stories of the mining past.
Tamsui Light Rail linking the present and the past

Tamsui Historical Museum

With the launch of TLR, the past and the present are linked
The TLR Blue Coast Line is in operation now! Adopting the “station building as museum” concept, columns, paintings, and carvings have been used to reproduce the image of “Battle of Tamsui.” The line links attractions such as Hobe Fort, Tamsui Customs Officers' Residence (aka Little White House), and Hongmaocheng. Take the TLS Blue Coast Line and tour around Tamsui to learn all about its century-old history.
Ancient trail in northern Taiwan

Tamsui-Kavalan Trails

Walk along the century-old trail. Explore the memories of mountain and sea
Over two hundred years, those who have walked on Tamsui-Kavalan Trail included the Han people, indigenous people, Westerners, the Japanese, as well as migrant birds and butterflies. This is where people, ecology, and culture cross their paths. Tamsui-Kavalan Trail has been appointed as a national-level greenway. In addition to history and culture, the ecology and scenery of mountain and sea are also waiting for you to explore.
Jinshan fire fishing

The century-old craft at Huanggang Fishing Port

Huanggang Fire Fishing is one of the eight key features of Jinshan. When the torches are lit, loud sounds and bright light make the sardines gather. Fishermen can then use fish forks and hand nets to scoop up the fish. This technique is therefore called fire fishing.
Female free-divers in Gongliao

“Girl power” – the culture of female free-divers gathering Gelidium in Gongliao

There is a group of female free-divers who wear goggles, head cover, and homemade diving suit diving into the ocean to collect Gelidium algae on the coral reefs. Their traditional way of gathering does not harm the environment and is kind to marine ecology.
Small abalone expert

Breeding small abalones

The clear water at the rocky shore of North East Coast and the climate at the windward side of the northeast monsoon make a great breeding environment for small abalones. There is a group of young experts here who have returned from the cities. They are knowledgeable about the breeding of small abalones as well as how to turn them into gourmet food. Tourists can find a unique experience here.
Sand Sculpture masters

Artists racing against time

The Gold Beach stretching from Yanliao to Fulong is recognized by the World Sand Sculpture Academy as the perfect place for sand sculpture in Taiwan. It is therefore chosen as the venue for Fulong International Sand Sculpture Arts Festival. Here, the sand sculpture artists demonstrate their skills, creating artwork that is integrated with nature and full of imagination.


#takeabigbite #mouthwatering #localfeast

Enjoy all the local delicacies! The freshest catches of seafood and seasonal vegetables are all turned into the best cuisine on the table. Eat locally and eat well, starting now.


Mussels, Shuangbaotai (fried pastry), Hujiaobing (oven baked pastry with pork filling), salted duck egg


A-gei (deep fried tofu pockets with mung bean noodles filling), fish crisps, iron eggs, fish balls


Water bamboos, Chinese yams, cherry blossom liquor


Gelidium jelly, Zongzi, Tieguanyin tea, seafood


Sweet potatoes, taro, duck meat, sesame pastry


Wanli crabs, seafood


Hakka rice cake, taro balls, squid, longfengtui (deep fried fish paste and pork meat balls)


Gelidium jelly, Gongliao abalone, Fulong bento

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