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Hengshan Terraces

Hengshan Terraces

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Updates : 2021-12-25

Travel tips

  • During the harvest season of water bamboos, you can take pictures of the verdant terraced fields
  • September to November is the harvest season of water bamboo in Sanzhi


Hengshan Terraces are located at midstream Dakeng River. It is a well-known landscape of Sanzhi. Starting from downtown Sanzhi and going towards Hengshan, the pastoral scenery comes right into view. With field after another field along the mountain and roads and rivers in between, the landscape is layered in a stunning geometrical pattern. Be it the desolate beauty during fallowing time, or the continuous greenness during water bamboo season, visitors can enjoy the seasonal scenery of terraces.

Hengshan was formerly known as Hengshankan. It is a hilly area with significant height differences. In the early days, as Sanzhi is surrounded by mountains and the sea, the plain area was not wide enough. In order to grow more rice, the ancestors developed terraces along the terrain, making terraced fields a famous Sanzhi sight. Nowadays, Hengshan Terraces are no longer used for planting rice, but instead became the home of water bamboos. September to November each year is the harvest season of Sanzhi water bamboos. Visitors to Hengshan Terraces during this season can enjoy the scenery of terraced fields in autumn, bamboo picking activities, and tasty water bamboos, making a fun and satisfying farm trip.
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