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Wulai Honghe Valley and Jiajiuliao Trail

Wulai Honghe Valley and Jiajiuliao Trail

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Updates : 2022-12-05

Travel tips

  • Thunderstorms in the afternoon are common in mountainous areas. Pay attention to the weather when visiting.
  • Adjacent to Jiajiuliao Trail. Hikers are recommended to visit.
  • The magnificent valley landscape makes it the Little Taroko.
  • A great place to escape the summer heat.


Wulai Honghe Valley is located at the intersection of Jiajiuliao River and Nanshi River. The water is cool and clear, clean and free of pollution. You can see fish and shrimps swimming in the water. Looking down from the red Jiajiuliao Bridge, you can see many giant strange rocks against the backdrop of the green stream. Such a magnificent valley landscape earned Honghe Valley the reputation of "Little Taroko."

Honghe in Wulai District was formerly known as "Jiajiuliao." As Nanshi River flows through this area, a big bend was formed here. Under the cutting and squeezing of the river, the rocks on the riverbank became slanted by 45 degrees. In addition, stream capture is done by a sub-stream here, creating a riverbed of slanted rocks. This magnificent sight of ingenious craftsmanship of the great nature keeps visitors in awe here for a while for full appreciation.

In addition to enjoying the spectacular scenery of Honghe Valley, you could also visit the flat and easy Jiajiuliao Trail. Jiajiuliao Trail is the renovated old carriageway for transporting timber. With a total length of 2.1 kilometers, it ends at Wulai Great Bridge. The trail is flat and easy throughout, with trees on both sides and rich ecology including swallowtail butterflies, green-banded swallowtail butterflies, Romer’s tree frogs, and brush pot trees. It is a great place to indulge yourself in the great nature.

Trail length: 2.1 kilometers
Altitude: 145-155 meters
Pavement: mountain trail
Walking time: 1-1.5 hours
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