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Pingxi Station

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Updates : 2019-03-31


Pingxi Station is located at Lingjiao Village of Pingxi District and was known as "Shidi Station" in its early days. When heading towards Jingtong Station, the train will pass a steel bridge that crosses Sankeng River. Looking downwards, you can see Pingxi and Shidi Settlement. You arrive at Zhonghua Street once you leave the station. Walk along the gentle slope downwards and you can reach the old street and the intersection of Zhonghua Street and Pingxi Street. The location of the train station is between Pingxi and Lingjiao. It occupies the high ground and you can look downwards to the Keeling River. The branches of the old trees by the gate of the train station are filled with birds seeking food. If you are lucky enough, you might witness their agile flight of soaring down from the sky to hunt.

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