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New Taipei City Travel

Pingxi Old Street

Pingxi Old Street

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Updates : 2022-12-22

Travel tips

  • Visit Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, the largest Lantern Festival in Northern Taiwan
  • Catch trains of the Pingxi line passing above the old street
  • Recreate the classic scene of You Are the Apple of My Eye
  • Use the oldest post box in Taiwan to mail the emotions of your trip
  • Taste classic Taiwanese street food for low prices


Pingxi Old Street has a quaint flavor; along the oblique hillside and both sides of the railway, you can see the ancient residences built in sequence, which is where the famous scene of the Taiwanese blockbuster movie You Are the Apple of My Eye was shot, where the leading actor and leading actress release a sky lantern to grant their wishes. Shops nearby are mostly traditional variety stores, hardware stores, and diners that allow you to see the plain daily life of local residents.

Passing through the Classic Mountain Town by Railway
When trains pass over the high railway bridge above the old street, their rumble creates the unique ambient sound of Pingxi Old Street. This mountain town with a century-long history of coal mining still preserves its traditional elongated houses. Stores in Japanese Colonial Era style give the streets an elegant Japanese feeling, and the Eight Spirits Cave next to the Guanyin Temple as well as the air-raid shelters and alarm bell left behind from the later years of the Japanese Colonial Era are great places for tourists to explore. There are many popular local Taiwanese street foods in Pingxi Old Street, so don’t forget to try them! It will certainly be worth the money. You are bound to feel they are good value.

Sky Lantern Festival on the Fifteenth Day of the First Lunar Month
Legend has it that sky lanterns were invented by Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms Period, and was initially used to deliver military messages. In the early years, brigands often appeared in the Pingxi area; therefore, sky lanterns served as a signal of safety. In the 1990s, sky lanterns were featured as a Pingxi folk activity, which created a new tourism attraction for Pingxi, where the population was flowing out. Nowadays, the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei City has become an important celebration during Taiwan’s Lantern Festival, which is known as the “Sky Lanterns in Northern Taiwan and Beehive Fireworks in Southern Taiwan.” It has even made the headlines of international news media on several occasions, becoming the most representative festival of New Taipei City.
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