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Li Family Historical House

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Updates : 2022-08-17


The luxurious house of a general in the past becomes today’s cultural heritage. The Li Family Historical House is a traditional residence over 100 years old preserved amidst an urban forest of concrete buildings. The mottled roofing tiles and brick walls have a special kind of nostalgic beauty to them. This traditional residence was the home of Lee Yo-Bang, the first general to fight against the Japanese during the invasion. After China ceded Taiwan to Japan for losing the Jiawu War, the Li family renovated the residence as a symbolic gesture to demonstrate their Chinese identity with the traditional Chinese architecture. It took nearly nine years to complete the construction of the residential compound, which became the landmark of the district. The antique furniture of the historical residence have been preserved, an eight-legged bed, a dressing table, a stone mill and furnace, which are exactly the way they looked 100 years ago. They are precious historical relics of Taiwan.
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