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Xindian Bitan Swan Boat paddling fun. 5000-ping night market will let you eat and shop till you drop!

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Xindian Bitan Swan Boat paddling fun. 5000-ping night market will let you eat and shop till you drop!
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      Being Taipei City dwellers’ collective memory, Bitan has now had many brand-new looks, such as the annual Bitan dancing water show and many other changes in the surrounding area that are worth your re-visit. Stepping outside MRT Xindian Station, the first view in sight is Bitan Suspension Bridge that crosses over the river. The Bridge has undergone an upgrade in 2018 and has reinitiated its lighting in November of the same year; now there are more spectacular light sculpture shows to watch every day. Once you are at Bitan, certainly you have to try paddling the swan boat – it’s a part of many people’s memories of their youth! Visitors can even ride the YouBike and follow the cycling route along the Xindian River and enjoy the cooling breeze on the way to Xiaobitan. Sunshine Bridge in Xiaobitan is New Taipei City’s first river-crossing scenic bridge that offers a stylish look, as well as pedestrian and bike trails with nighttime light sculptures. As the musical string-like steel wire ropes are illuminated with moving light sculpture, the image simply resembles a magnificent light concerto! Passing through the Sunshine Bridge, you will find near the other side of the River – Anhe International Sightseeing Night Market. The Night Market has begun operation since yearend 2018 and is as vast as 5,000 ping (which is equivalent to 39 basketball courts), which includes a tourist information center as well as family restrooms. It’s definitely not crowded and offers night owls the ultimate enjoyment in tasting delicious food.


      【Return-Take the MRT】
      Take Bus Route 8 from Chaicheng Village Station and get off at Xindian Stop. Transfer via MRT for your return journey.
      Banqiao Rainbow Umbrella + Social media check-in at Little Prince mural. Take a shot of beautiful 8 at Crescent Bridge.
      Banqiao is truly filled with bloggers’ photo hot spots! Guangzheng Street near Banqiao Train Station is also known as “brunch street”, which offers many popular brunch places that are not only all distinctive, delicious, and great photo spots, but are also fully packed every weekend. After enjoying some delectable afternoon tea, head to Banqiao 435 Art Zone, where the rainbow umbrella installation art is a popular social media check-in spot widely known among bloggers; and now there is a newly open secret check-in spot nearby! Nanzigou Pumping Station located at Huanhe West Road has been partially rebuilt and transformed into a biker rest stop. An adorable Little Prince and the little fox are drawn on the wall; hold up the one and only rose and take a picture with it– it will be as fantastical as landing on planet B612! Then, come to Crescent Bridge where you can take more beautifully dreamy picture. You think you got good photo-taking skills?! Then come and take a shot of beautiful reflected 8! For the last stop, let’s end with a great meal – Xinzhuang Temple Street Night Market that is approximately 5-minute walk from Crescent Bridge is a historical night market that you should not miss! The area had once been a bustling gathering place for business people, so there are many historic temple sites and eateries nearby – Taiwanese spring roll, starchy meat soup, and pork blood soup are all reasonably priced with big portions, so you will definitely be full and satisfied!
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