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Quaint nostalgia – Sanchong one day tour

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Quaint nostalgia – Sanchong one day tour
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MRT Travel
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      Sanchong is rich in historic monuments. Besides the Yunye Meat Curd Concept Store, a food factory which has undergone renovation and is now open to the public as a tourist factory, visitors can also find numerous longstanding temples in the area. For instance, Xiangong Temple (also called Taipu Temple) is extremely popular among local pilgrims. Xianse Temple is the oldest temple in Sanchong; also known as “Wuguwang Temple”, it is a municipal historic monument in Erchongpu in Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City. In here, every minute detail of each building has a story to tell. After admiring historic monuments, visitors can take a stroll to Taipei Metropolitan Park to enjoy the light breeze by the riverside; this is a wonderful location for family picnics, gathering of friends, exercising. Senior citizens also come to the luxuriant park to relax, chat and take a stroll. At dusk, people can go to Zhongxiao Wharf to admire the stunning beauty of the setting sun. For supper, they can savor delicacies at Sanhe Night Market to experience the hospitality of the Taiwanese night market.
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