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Fall in Love with Taiwanese Tea ~ “Shiding-Pinglin” Tea Town DIY One-Day Trip

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Fall in Love with Taiwanese Tea ~ “Shiding-Pinglin” Tea Town DIY One-Day Trip
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Outdoor excursion
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1 day




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      Starting with “Pinglin Old Street”, first savor the various types of creative tea meals made with the famous “Pouchong Tea”, such as tea-flavored steamed buns, tea oil vermicelli, as well as the sweet tofu dish. Then rent a bicycle in the vicinity of the Old Street to head towards the “Beishixi Bikeway”, which is honored as the “most beautiful bikeway in Northern Taiwan.” Admire the magnificent sceneries of the stream and tea gardens along the way; after that, go to “Pinglin Tea Museum, New Taipei City” to learn about “tea knowledge.” For instance, learn more about the complete production process of tea leaves, tea-drinking ware, packaging culture, as well as smell and observe several types of tea leaves up close in the “Experience Zone”. Visit the largest osmanthus ecological farm - “Tea Town Osmanthus Farm” in Taiwan to savor the various types of creative osmanthus dishes. At last depending on the schedule planning, one may go to the Shiding District to visit the unique stilted buildings, the “Roofed Street” suspended over the riverbed with support only from the posts, as well as the “Shiding Old Street” with its century-old tofu store. This itinerary will definitely introduce you to innovative impressions and sensual experience of “Taiwan Tea Culture”!


      【Return-Take a bus】
      Take Hsin Hsin Bus 666, get on at “Shiding Station” (about 30 minutes of drive), and get off at “MRT Muzha Station”, then transfer to Taipei MRT to return to Taipei Station.

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