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One-Day Tour to Sanxia Old Street

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One-Day Tour to Sanxia Old Street
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Nostalgic tour of the old street
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1 day




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Want to see a cluster of ancient buildings? Want to see a Baroque-style façade memorial arch? Well then visiting Sanxia Old Street would be the right thing to do! Walking amongst the continuous red-brick arcade while admiring the stores that have names after our own surnames, the glorious looks of the past are preserved here, and it is nostalgia that is sold at the stores here, including cool drinks, writing brushes and sweet sticky rice cake…etc. If you enjoy monuments, you must visit the Sanxia Quingshui Zhushi Temple, which is also known by the beautiful name “Oriental Art Palace”, as well as the Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery, the artist who joined in restoring the Quingshui Zhushi Temple. If you have enough time, go check out the sole blue-dye park in Taiwan, learn about the local blue-dye culture, there are even teaching courses where one may participate in DIY event!
Unexpected Art - Jinshan Hot Spring Feast One-Day Trip
"A good trip in the cold combines a walk in nature to appreciate the scenery, an photo with the whole family, watching exhibitions, eating cheap food, and a heart-warming hot spring!" In the morning, you could go to Junyuan to remember the erstwhile superstar Teresa Teng, and enjoy the Jinshan Coast from a distance. Next, head for the Juming Art Museum, the largest park-style art museum in Taiwan, which covers an area of more than 30,000 sqm, to appreciate the wonderful works of hundreds of colorful artistic creations and maintain the transparency in the park. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea in the cube building "Museum Tea House".Next go to "Dharma Mountain" and climb the mountain-to enjoy the beauty of the mountains up close on three sides. Breathe deeply and settle your soul in an atmosphere far away from the mundane hustle and bustle. Then go to the "Jinshan Old Airport Memorial Monument" and visit the special "stone-made rollers" left over from three old airport runways, and enjoy affordable delicacies such as duck meat, mochi, handmade ice cream with fresh, candied sweet potatoes, etc. in the "Jinshan Old Street".Finally drive to the "Yangmingshan Tian Lai Resort and Spa" in northern Taiwan with a 6000 sqm Yongquan Swimming Paradise. Enjoy the surrounding mountains, the gurgling sounds of water, and the fresh and sweet sounds of insects and birds in the spacious bath to relax your wary body and mind.
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